print for Family relationship and health

Health and Family

East. Wood Family relationship and health This represents the relationship within the family – past, present and future, you and the interpersonal relationship at work. It helps to improve relationships. Additionally, it presents health, physical and spiritual strength, energy of …

print for The presence of helpful people

The Presence of helpful people

North West. Metal The presence of helpful people The area that represents " luck of heaven"  the contact of the person with the universe. Support from family, friends, teachers, from people that you have never met, as well as from …

OA129 100X100

OA129 100X100

Feng Shui painting for Career (north), Wealth ( south east) Acrylic on canvas mixed media  100×100 cm

print for Career


North , Water Career This area refers to a career in which you can make a living. This painting is intended to enhance a change in career in our life, a job search, job replacement, drawing customers to an existing …

שפע (הדפס)

or1(8) copy

 דרום מזרח       תחום השפע, כשמו כן הוא. זה האזור המתייחס לקבלה של השפע אל תוך חיינו. זה אזור המזל המבורך – זרימת השפע האוניברסלי אל תוך המבנה : רכוש, כסף, ברכה ורווחה ואת תודתנו על כך.         הדפס על נייר  30X30 …