Knowledge and spirituality This area represents knowledge of our spiritual and self awareness. Knowledge acquired through life experience, inner reflection, meditation, etc. .Suitable for mediataion room or for spiritual work. It enhances learning for children. Governs the North East part. career
This area refers to a career in which you can make a living. This painting is intended to enhance a change in career in our life, a job search, job replacement, drawing customers to an existing business, to achieve goals that match the correct time. The painting governs the north part.
The presence of helpful people
The area that represents " luck of heaven" the contact of the person with the universe. Support from family, friends, teachers, from people that you have never met, as well as from force major. Suitable for enhancement before going to court. Requests to the universe. Place of the generosity and justification. Governs the north west part.

Family relationship and health

This represents the relationship within the family – past, present and future, you and the interpersonal relationship at work. It helps to improve relationships. Additionally, it presents health, physical and spiritual strength, energy of growth and new beginnings. Governs the east part.
According to Chinese old beliefs this painting will increase fertility, mainly to those with difficulties to conceive, by receiving support from the universe in th process. Should be hanged in the western region of the bedroom, the creativity and the children areas.
Creativity and Children
This domain represents every creation including birth, joy and celebration of life, imagination and future plans, both in the family and the career. It may also apply to those who want to have children. The painting governs the west part.
Wealth, prosperity and blessing
This domain reflects its name. This is area of the blest luck of the flow of the universal abundance into the structure: Assets, money, blessing and welfare and our thanks thereon. Governs the south east part.
Fame and Reputation
The region expresses our uniqueness. It represents empowering the reputation, as well as the potential for spiritual development. This is the region of the charisma and development of the spiritual potential. What we want to communicate in the space of our home or office. This painting governs the south part .
love marriage and partnership
This is the domain of the relationship, finding one's other half, to enhance existing personal relationship as well as with business colleagues or partners. The way in which we create relationship – this is the relationship area. The painting governs the South West part of the bedroom or office for business partnerships.