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My beloved Sabbath dress

OA154 95X95

Feng Shui Painting Suitable for Creativity and Children (West), Support from the Universe (Northwest) Parity and Love (Southwest)

 Acrylic painting on canvas with materials 95X95

From the solo exhibition "Following the Balfour Engraved Songs"


My beloved Sabbath dress. Balfour engraved

Fee is Rath selfsame Holc Biar until
incumbent upon Scmo bag Agdot and Sirim
Hlc rover Bartzot Zrot
Mosc Bmklo Lhkot Tzfrim

Fee is Ahbh selfsame eyes on Boarot
Ildh moon eyes on Chlot Zohrot
Soaft Lhiot El migrant foreigner
Mbair Mdorot
scout Liarot
Bclion eyes on Brad inclement

Hoa Hrah Lh stone Lhtzit Bh fire
Htzt Htzit Bh
Zrihot Zrot Skiaot Srot
until Idah affection selfsame, Lbar
and Lhtboss

Ainih Hshiro Ghlim Adm and Shr
Smlth Hlbnh Hith Frori dust
and ashes Hshr Mtoc Mtoc Hsrfh
Tzmho Lh Frhi light
Frhim Admim

Then she would like to drink

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