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OA221 80X80

Feng Shui Painting for Fame and Reputation (South)

Acrylic painting on canvas with materials 80X80 cm

Exhibited "Homeland Songs"

From the solo exhibition "Following the Balfour Engraved Songs

Sun. Balfour engraved

Csabrh Ami Brhobot Atofh light
unattached Alih the trees and Anfihm Labrh
Ainih Hfiko Hm Lcl Haolm Sbib
and Hasbim Tht Rglih Amro poetry.

And in the early hours of the
morning, the hang of the laundry was the window.
I still wore in my
dream and I heard a sound of voice.

"Used it, I
'll always be on our side."
And what is it with me now and

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