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A woman is falling asleep

OA225 95X95

Feng Shui Painting Suitable for Creativity and Children (West), Support from the Universe (Northwest) Parity and Love (Southwest)

Acrylic painting on canvas with materials 95X95

From the solo exhibition "Following the Balfour Engraved Songs

A stormy woman walking. Balfour engraved

When you drop in, you get close,
it costs a lot, and it is
high and low.
She flies a
roof over my house, she finds it in the trees.

Soft Mlim Aolh
Soft luster, Soft thunder
and Hia Mhsich Afkim
portal and Mairh
off and on.

Ash, At
Gale Mhlct mortal
suddenly At Socht Hlkt Aorc
Ifi Sdic, mildness Ircic
and Mbtic Haohbim Bcl Madm.

 Hsofh this flight Mbsrc
and Ain Mflt Matzmth Hmolct
and Mms within an inch of
Hrbno belonging to Haolm
Hsofh instantaneously

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