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Dining table

OA 315 102X152 cm (60X40 inch0

The innovative work consists of a composition of several abstract and monochromatic works of art in shades and sizes customized to the client's needs according to the various spaces.
These original works constitute different layers of artistic expression. They use unconventional art materials such as recycled industrial building materials from the world of architecture combined with concepts and symbols drawn from the spiritual world.
The workpieces symbolize layers of life that complement each other in a harmony of minimalist and powerful color and form, combining contrasts between time and place, moments of grace, and emotional turmoil.
The work appears as a collage/assemblage. It is composed by the artist herself before the framing stage, which is collaborative with the designer.
The artist has exhibited and sold for decades in exhibitions and galleries in Israel and worldwide (New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Rome, Lisbon, London, China, and more).

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