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Wheat (donated by Commemorative High Court)

OA221 70X100

 Feng Shui painting for abundance (Southeast)

Acrylic painting on canvas with materials 70X100 cm

From the solo exhibition "Following the Balfour Engraved Songs" 

In the wheat fields of Bethlehem. Balfour engraved

"And the man and the wail" (Ruth 3: 8)

She is brought to the field and
she is there for me at
spring time.
I know how to relax
when it comes to living.
I don't know if she
likes her spirit or wife.
My eyes on the bathtub: It
ripens slowly.

Fee is Bah Acso
El Sdot Hhth
Bktzh Harmh
Ali Bah Lsdoti
Fnih Tht Fni
Ainih Tht Aini
spirit Admh.

I wither Mlotic
fearful and Nlft
fade Hsblim eleven minutes to one
fade Rihic daughter.
At Nktzrt Bsdh Hrohs
Cl Hlilh At Nzmrt slowly                     
Nctst As Bhrms                                  
Nthnt Brihim made of hand.

And there are two times in the bathroom at the front of

my bathroom and in the bathroom

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