Acryilc paintings – to all paintings

All works are originals multi-layered acrylic on canvas, which combine the practical world of industrial architecture materials with symbols and concepts from the spiritual world and the Feng Shui .That are transformed together onto the canvas.
Abstract works, characterized by harmony of colors and shapes, are minimalist and powerful.  The works present a combined world of contrasts between time and place, past and present, material and spirit, moments of mercy and emotional range.  A profound observation will reveal the layers of color, life, places, situations, emotions and experiences which join and complement each other.


OA182 70X100 OA192 80X80 OA169 140X90 OA125 70X100 (LARGE) OA239 140X95 OA230 70X95 OA224 70x95 OA221 80X80 OA220 70X100 OA217  70X100 OA176 95X95 OA208 100X100 OA214 70X90 OA177 80X80 OA197 95X95 OA196 95X95 OA181 95X95 OA172 80X80 OA160 70X100 OA157  95X95 OA156  95X95 OA150(A) PART OF OA150 OA140 90X140 OA138 80X80 OA132  100X100 (LARGE) OA145 100X100 OA133 100X100 OA112 100X100 (LARGE) OA109 100X100 (LARGE) OA108 100X100 (LARGE) OA106 100X100 OA105 80X80 (LARGE) OA101 80X80 OA213 95X95 OA154 95X95 OA155  95x95 OA227 95X95 OA203 95X95 OA165 70X100 OA243 130X90 OA185 70X100 OA231 80X80 OA232 80X80 OA233 80X80 OA183 140X90 OA192 80X80 OA215 70X95 OA130 100X100 OA129 100X100