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Darkness from light

OA197 95X95

Acrylic painting on canvas with materials 95X95 cm

From the solo exhibition "Following the Balfour Engraved Songs"

A song to this day. Balfour engraved

In this day
, I am writing a
sacred shrine on a holy bath.
As a matter of fact Hmhzh
Atn Kdsi Bmtzrf ablaze
Akra Smi Hmfrs
Goll light from before Hsc
Asa outcry and Akds
Goll Hsc from before light
Asaf Basn smell Frhi-beaten.

Btoc Hmlim I Msnh Atim
Bmlcot Hsirim I stand in Zmnim
Afzr fragrance Larhot
Aslh Frhi Larba-beaten.
And Casr Ahih Bkdst Hmasim Halh
and Csahih awful Thlot doer marvel
Aazr of attorney and Aonim

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