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OA220 70X100

Acrylic painting on canvas with materials 70X100 cm


From the solo exhibition "Following the Balfour Engraved Songs"

The beautiful hour in Jerusalem. Balfour engraved

My beauty

time was at my house,
but I had to call.

The best time to look
out from the mountain
is the time it is at dusk.
Exit to the city Hmkft Lngdi -
steamer Mbaba Rohs,
and a mountain Hbit
Cmaclt fire
Maclt water.

Hsah Hifh Hotzh At Hgia                              
 El adjoining it to the city Halionh                                       
Mnfnft Lslom Lcl Hkbrim
Hnskfim Mn Hgbaot
inter- Hmzra Lisimon,
Iordt Lhstcsc Bamt Hmim
Broh Hsannh
Bkol herd.

The beautiful hour breaks in the morning to                        
contrast with the dark
gold in the dark.
A king's shrine.                       
It is now sung and
is sung by me
as well as
by the sea

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