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My mother's handkerchief

OA239 140 × 90

Feng Shui Painting for Health and Family (East) Plenty (Southeast) Career (North)

Acrylic painting on canvas with materials 140x90 cm

From the solo exhibition "Following the Balfour Engraved Songs"

My mother's nanny. Balfour engraved
Lami Mtfht portion Gdolh
Lcaorh Mtfht Ccl Hmtfhot
but it's a Hmtfht Tzbah Chl
contrary to Mzikim and Rohot.
Mtfht Sirain fee is this the
gut Bfstot Ltzoarh
and Hia Iodat Tmid
Salih not Iath poisonous
not Iboa wickedness.

Bmtfhth Atfh fee is Kbrim Kdosim
Msch Mch Hkdsh El Nkbot Hbd
Mlaci Alion surrounding Lohsim
forever Ainh alone.
Upon Shl and Ftn Tdrc Ami
Salo Hnhsim Aorbim Bcl Smth
upon Shl and Ftn Tdrc Ami
and La Ikrbo Lmtfhth - - -

I had to take a napkin for my own
napkin, but I had to do it for my health
My forehead shines brightly for a new

stay, a real miracle.

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