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Upcoming exhibitions

Current and Future Exhibitions
  •  Neeman gallery Tel Aviv

  • NYC Women of the world – south art dealers Tribeca NYC 2024

  • New art center NYC WTC

Solo Exhibitions

  • "HasimtaTheatre Gallery" - Curator Fredi Fabian

  • "Pioneer Global Fund" Herzelia - Curator Reli Wasser

  • "Galerina" Gallery - Curator Ilan Segal

  • "Through the Paths of Words" Tel Aviv, Petach Tikva, Tiberia and Rosh Pina - Curator Reli Wasser

  • Tel Aviv - Curator Lori Pszenica

  • Tel Aviv – Neeman gallery

  • WTC 3 NYC

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • "The house of artists", Tel Aviv.

  • "The Yellow Submarine", Jerusalem.

  • "Summer Festival", Haifa.

  • "Longing for Peace" 

  • "Roberts 2007", YNET 

  • "Hanuka",Zefat 

  • "I. D", Efrat Gallery, Tel Aviv.

  • "Metal", Tel Aviv

  •  "Star of David", Tel Aviv

  •  "Green" Horas Richter Gallery, Old Jaffa.

  • "Imagination", Israeli Aids Task Force and Bank Hapoalim.

  • "The Vision and the Reality", Hanita Museum.

  • "Personal View", Givataim Theatre.

  • "Jerusalem", Zefat

  • "Our Memory" for Memoria Day, Ministry of Defense and "Yad Lebanim".

  •  Crowne Plaza Hotel, Jerusalem.

  • Avenue Convention Center, Airport City.

  • "Pomegranate", Rosh Pina.

  • ''Liliot" Amiad Gallery, Jaffa

  • "She and He", Amiad Gallery, Jaffa 

  • "Abstract", Artura Gallery, Tel Aviv

  • "Colors", Mitzpe Hayamim spa hotel 

  •  Amalia Arbel Gallery,Tel Aviv

  • "The Sun Blessing", Zefat

  • "Old and New", Jaffa Museum

  • "Bride and Groom", Jaffa Museum

  • "The Muze", Jaffa Museum

  • "Hi Buba", Ein Hod center gallery

  • "View of Jerusalem", Maale Hahamisha

  • Special event in Tel Aviv "White Night"

  • "Female Responsibility", Rotshild 35 Gallery, Tel Aviv

  • "Couples of different shape", Rotshild 35 Gallery Aviv

  • "Star of David", Rotshild, Tel Aviv

  • Family – Ben Ami gallery Tel Aviv

Exhibitions Abroad

  • "The Sacred Planet", Napoli Italy

  • "Fiares Dakar", The Republic of Senegal

  • The Permanent Collection of the Modern Art Museum of Harabin, China

  • "Art for Heart", JMA Gallery Vienna Austria

  • "The Open Collection", New York

  •  "The art of reconciliation", The Israeli Embassy Washington D.C

  • "International Femina", The National Art Museum Cluj-Napoca Romania.

  • Museum of the Americas (MOA), Miami Florida. 

  • "Paths of the Thoughts", Napoli, Italy.

  • "Who's Who in Visual Art", Germany.

  • Art Expo New York  2019

  • The hidden Truths – Milano 2019

  • Mega Art Rome March 2020

  • Colorida Gallery Lisbon May 2021

  • Boomer Gallery London

  • Dvora gallery New Jersey

  • Laguna art gallery Los Angeles

  • Artifact gallery NYC

  • WTC 7 Gallery NYC

Paintings in the permanent collection in

  • Museum of modern art Harabin China

  • Museo Contea del Caravaggio Italy


  • Parsons School of Design-New York 1983-1986

  • Ryerson Technology School-Toronto, Canada1986-1988

  • Art Students League  N.Y  1984-1986

  • Avni School of Art Tel Aviv 1983

  • Painting studies with the artist Heleni Shamai 2005-2007

  • Member of "Impact", the Professional Visual Artists Association,Israel

  • NOAPS association USA​

Works sold to private people and large co-operations worldwide

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